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Video of Cat Who Snores Like a Human Is Cracking People Up

Dealing with a loud sleeper can be frustrating, but this time it's cute, too! Prof. Hernandez, who goes by @ownedbytito on TikTok, recently joined the app to show off her fur baby Tito and his talent for snoring. Let's just say she made the right move--their first video went viral! Honestly, it's easy to see why.

This adorable rescued tabby cat does not match the human man-sounding snore that comes out of his little mouth, and it's just the funniest thing. And 445 thousand people agree!

The first time we saw this clip, it was hard to believe those snores weren't from an audio recording! Just like @jupiterascending2021 joked in the most liked comment of the video, "That ma’am is a husband 😂." It's certainly what he sounds like! @sherilyn946 even said, "Funny, my husband is making the same noise right now 🙄🤣." Sure, it's funny until you're trying to sleep...

"Tito is a tired man after picking up extra shifts at the biscuit factory," @thattwinmomkim added. That mental image matches the sound perfectly, and we are living for it! 

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Of course, there were many commenters concerned about Tito's health. After all, cats don't normally snore. In her bio, though, Prof. Hernandez explains that Tito has been checked out by a vet--he's just a very loud sleeper. 

"Poor kitty," @denalipup1 said."Prob only getting 19-22 hrs of sleep a day. That has to be exhausting." LMAO! If anything, we're sure his mama is the one losing out on sleep with him snoring right in her ear like he is in the clip. It's worth it though--he's just precious! 

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