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Woman's New Puppy Who Shares Unique Marking With Her 'Soul Dog' Who Passed Is Truly Heaven-Sent

TikTok user @lifewithpitbullstx went through a tremendous loss. Her dog, unfortunately, passed over the rainbow bride. But it wasn't just any dog. It was her soul dog. Ugh, our hearts. 

For any of you who have experienced a soul dog, you know that bond is unbreakable, which is why this TikToker was struggling to get another dog. But she ended up seeing a sign from her soul dog in the new puppy and it's truly unbelievable. 

Aww! We feel so bad she lost her soul doggo, but this is so sweet to know the dog is looking over her. And it's a clear sign that those two dogs are connected. We don't know how, but they are! And her soul dog needed to tell her that she'll always be by her side.

"Now I'm bawling. So beautiful. She's with you xo," commented @carlyrosexo. If we're bawling just from the video, we can't imagine how this TikToker is feeling. A whole whirlwind of emotions. "If that's not a sign I don't know what is," said @valeriedollyhigh. Right?! The two dogs have the EXACT same mark in the same location. Her soul dog is signaling to her and sent her this puppy as a present!

"Your heaven baby sent you your new baby with a little of her to comfort you," wrote @michellepost3. And we hope that's enough of a sign to show that her soul dog is still looking after her. @fostercupcake added, "Your soul dog, 'I sent you a new puppy!'" Truly a heaven-sent gift! 


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