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Video of Mom Finding Her Son’s ‘Secret Pets’ is Too Darn Funny

A mom who found her son's hidden new pals has gone viral on TikTok. And if you're a parent you're sure to relate. We can only imagine the swear words passing through mom Rachel's mind when she found the mysterious container in her son Matthew's room. But its contents were definitely a surprise. 

Over 3.5 million people have watched Rachel's (@freerange.rachel) hilarious new video. And when you see it, you'll understand why. The footage was taken in her son's bedroom and you can practically hear the mom trying to control the exasperation in her voice when she calls for him. Take a look at poor Matthew's not-so-little fib in the video below!

"Matthew, buddy is there a sour cream container full of frogs in your room?" she can be heard asking from off camera. "No?" Reader, there was in fact a sour cream container full of frogs in his room. 

Thousands of people wrote into the comments and were utterly shocked. "If we are being is not full," @angihodge warned. "No, but there was," @o_cicero_0 teased. "'No'….because it isn’t quite full and they are escaping," @kyrt_farmer pointed out. 

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Unfortunately, someone else had had a similar experience. "My son Matthew did the same thing, except a desk drawer full. Boys!" wrote. 

A second video on the mom's page shows her trying to track down all the little frogs friends. "Did you check the floor and make sure there were no froggies in your room?" she asks her son, who was off-screen. Matthew seems to be less than helpful and the mom sends him off by telling him it's best to keep the frogs outside. 

Moms, they're absolute superheroes we tell ya'.

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