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Special Needs Kitten Has the Sweetest Way of Waking Up Mom

Now for your daily dose of joy, we bring you a video of angelic little Bunny waking up her mom from the @Thebabykittenrescue account. Baby Kitten Rescue, based out of LA, specializes in neonatal, critical care, and special needs kitten rescue. They aspire to show that these kittens are worth the extra time and care they need to blossom into healthy, loving and vivacious cats. They hope to promote inclusiveness of disabled animals, and to show that they can live full, rich, and happy lives!

Just look at how Bunny greets the day and try not to cry happy tears. 

Just too precious. If you'd like to see something really adorable, check out this video of her when she was a super tiny kitten. We just love her! We are not alone, with @GH posting "Such a little sweetie pie." @Kelly adds, "What a precious baby!" @Noodlemouse17 says "What a wonderful morning." We agree. We'd love to wake up with some Bunny love! 

People who care for special needs animals are the best people, and we love any fosters taking the time to educate people that these animals can lead completely full lives. Little Bunny here is just the sweetest example of that. 

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