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Special Needs Kitties Get Dressed for a Cozy Night by the Fire in Cute Video

Nothing says 'cozy night in' like some comfy clothes. Whether it's an old sweatshirt or a favorite set of PJ's, there's no wrong way to settle in for a relaxing night with someone you love. Holly and Sailor know what we're talking about!

These adorable special needs cats got ready for an evening of lounging by the fire (with the help of their loving human mama, of course), and their TikTok followers are obsessed. Their account, @felinefosterfun, is always full of something fun and cute, just like this! 

Precious girls! We just love how chill and sweet they are. They must've learned it from their mama--she's just as gentle and kind with them! Still, their special needs do make dressing them a bit tricky (not that dressing a normally-abled cat would be any easier). 

"'I'll let you put it on, but I ain't gonna make it easy,'" wrote commenter @princeinsecurity. Isn't that the truth?! We definitely want to give their mom a round of applause for her patience and kindness in everything she does for them. It takes a special kind of person! 

"The way the black cat sits like the doggie and it’s too cute," @krimson_klover observed. We just adore Holly! She and Sailor are the most precious pampered girls. No wonder their followers are living for it. @Jonathanseagull was right when he said that they're "the best-dressed girls ever." As if they'd have it any other way!

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