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Sphynx Cat's Weird Yet Adorable Sleeping Position Is Quickly Going Viral

One of the latest viral TikToks is such a simple video showing off the creator's cat. Nothing unique about that. So how did it capture the internet's hearts? You'll be surprised to hear the original video of the sleeping cat gained over 13 million views. And yes, it was just a cat sleeping. Does that mean our sleepy pets can become viral too? There's a chance, but trust us when we say this cat stands out from the others!

This cat is not just any cat, it's a Sphynx Cat, which to us is already so unique. You don't see them too often! TikTok user @kids_cats_and_me started to film. She opens up the blanket someone is holding to reveal the little creature. And what you see is definitely not what you'd expect. But it's oh so adorable and we totally see why it's gained so many views.

O.M.G. This is too cute! If the video didn't mention that Poppins was a kitten, we would've never known it was a cat. LOL! She looks so comfortable all curled up like that. We don't know how that's comfortable, but we'll let her do her thing! 

Does anyone else think this cat looks like everyone's favorite elf from the wizarding world? We definitely weren't the only ones with this thought! "DOBBY LIVES SOMEONE TELL HARRY 😂," said @gfunk49. Ha! Yes, Harry needs to be the first one to know because just as @kaylastyles24 put it, "Dobby is FREEEEE 😂." The world needs to celebrate! Ok, ok, maybe she's not entirely free. @lexiho said, "Dobby has found a new master." But this new master will care for Dobby! You can already tell this owner is taking care of this Dobby-like animal. She's all bundled up, peacefully sleeping the day away.

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Other TikTokers are comparing Poppins to other characters. "Congratulations! You caught your first pokemon!" commented @jermazing89. LOL! We'd love to catch this kitty as our first Pokemon! Wouldn't you?!

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