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Squirrel Caught 'Eating for Free' at McDonald's Has People Cracking Up

While some animals adapted to their environment by say, growing fins or learning how to fly, others have taken a more modern approach. And by that we’re talking about a squirrel on TikTok, who was later dubbed the “smartest squirrel in the world” for figuring out how to eat at McDonald's for free.

There are a lot of smart animals out there, but Alex Ghaderi (@alex.ghaderi), a “celebrity real estate agent” on TikTok, was convinced that this little guy was the brightest of the bright. The video shows a squirrel perched on a McDonald’s trash can. “For the last five minutes, he’s been hopping in and out of this trash can coming out with food. Right now he’s eating french fries and earlier he was eating hamburger buns,” Ghaderi explained. Get a load of this savvy guy.

The video has since been viewed over 163,000 times, and most people agree this is actually sort of hilarious. “Spending no money, and I applaud him for not running inside to place his order 😂,” @japan3775 joked. “I’d be impressed if he dipped that fry in ketchup,” @discohippychicken added. “I love the birds who decided to make Home Depot their home! Unlimited bird food!” @mermazingnana joked.

Although, a few people were worried about our squirrel friend. “Really sad to me,” @brynnpatterson106 wrote. “Nothin' to do with smarts. Everything to do with survival skills,” @hearthaven80 agreed. And a third commenter just wasn’t impressed. “If he was smart, he would go to Wendy’s,” @dudelabowskee wrote.

Of course, we're sure this squirrel was happy to have any hot meal that was free and readily edible. We'd love to see a follow up video of this guy getting himself a Happy Meal. Hold out for the free toy, little guy!