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Man Learns the Lengths His Pet Squirrel Will Go to for a Snack and It's Too Funny

A man on TikTok certainly was in for a surprise when he opened his fridge and found his pet squirrel Thumbelina going to town on her favorite snack. The man could barely pull the squirrel away from the avocado she was chomping on, but watching him try sure is funny. 

The video was shared on @little_thumbelina_girl TikTok page and has since racked up over 3.8 million views. The footage shows Thumbelina caught red-handed with the delicious avocado in her claws. "Okay, okay, Thumbelina I know I said you could have whatever you want for breakfast today, but I didn't mean you could go inside the refrigerator and take yourself," her owner can be heard saying off-screen. "I gave you a piece of avocado this morning," he added. Thumbelina didn't seem to hear what her papa was saying (or was that selective hearing?) and the way she ignores him is worth seeing for yourself.

The comments section didn't want to see Thumbelina skimp on her snacks. "She’s gonna do great in the winter," @boops29 joked. "I'm not even surprised. Squirrels love avocado as much as walnuts," @chronicles_of_terinthyia chimed in. "Avocado is way too expensive to share with Thumbelina," @chrisdandrea joked. "She wanted the entire avocado," @lean_bea teased.

This wasn't the first time that Thumbelina got carried away during snack time. In a previous video on Thumbelina's page, it was her mom who was having a hard time getting a bite of fig. "I got the fig for us to share," she says in the footage. "For us to share," she repeated. 

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But it doesn't seem like the pet mama minds. "What’s mine is hers," she wrote in the caption.

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