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Video of Little Squirrel Begging for Water at the Grand Canyon Is Just Pitiful

As summertime comes around in the American southwest, drought conditions are skyrocketing yet again. Even the plants and animals who are native to these hot, dry climates are starting to struggle, especially in areas densely populated by people.

Some brave critters, like the squirrel in @ketobabe85's TikTok video from the Grand Canyon, are even turning to humans for help staying hydrated. As sweet as it is, it's also heartbreaking to watch. We feel so bad for this poor little guy! 

This video just has us feeling everything. On the one hand, we're so happy that @ketobabe85 was able to give a squirrel a bottle of water, but it makes us worry for animals in that area in general. Commenter @amber.rivera20 said it best when she wrote, "I can imagine this being an amazing experience but anyone else feel sad that they have to resort to us for water? I know it’s a dry area 🥺." 

Surprisingly enough, other viewers have had (or seen) similar experiences. "When I visited the Grand Canyon, [we] did that for a squirrel also," @ttreats2014 shared. "So cute!" It is very cute, but also sad they're unable to get water any other way. However, it's wonderful that there are kind people like this who are willing to help. 

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Many of the top-liked comments on this video are regarding solutions to this problem, and honestly, TikTok is onto something here if you ask us. "Water stations should be put for the wild life to access water during these hot days 🥺," wrote @sessylovek. Exactly! Even a small one would make a huge difference in any National Park. It could easily help a person in an emergency, too! 

Until that happens, though, we'll have to keep relying on the kindness of people to help an animal in need. These good deeds don't go unnoticed--even the ones that don't go viral.

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