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Video of Squirrel Enjoying Ice on a Hot Day Is Too Cute for Words

Summertime can be fun for so many reasons, but there are also factors that can make it less enjoyable. 9 times out of 10, though, it has to do with the heat. Luckily, people have developed so many ways of dealing with unwavering high temperatures, but furry friends and wildlife don't always have these luxuries.

One fortunate squirrel got the chance to cool down with @athenadonnely, though, and we're not sure who loved it more: Athena, the squirrel, or TikTok viewers! It's such a simple pleasure: just a girl giving a squirrel a lil' chunk of ice, but its impact is oh-so-big. She could've saved this critter from dehydration for all we know! 

Not surprisingly, we aren't the only ones watching this precious scene on repeat. Commenter @nedirem asked, "Did he take it with his little hands or did you place it for him? Thank you for being kind ❤️!!!"

"Hahaha yes he took it straight from my hand," Athena replied. "Honestly too cute." You said it! As much as we wish we could've seen the squirrel take the ice from her, we're obsessed with his cute clip as it is. It's just enhanced by "[Athena's] giggle 😩❤️," which @eleanoramelio01 appreciated in her own comment. Though Athena says she's "mortified" of her laugh, we love it! It's almost as cute as the squirrel.

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"He's so chubchub I love him," wrote @majammm1. We do too! If we had been in Athena's shoes, we would've been tempted to give the cutie a poke like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! We were just so enamored by the critter's sweetness that we didn't even think about the chonk.

"Might be a pregnant squirrel," @britesky suggested in the most-liked comment of the video. "They often look chonky like that when they're pregnant ❤️." That just makes this even cuter! Just like Athena replied, that ice is even more important if this is the case. She may actually have helped out two squirrels instead of one!

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