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Squirrel's Amazing Home Makeover Is Making Us Insanely Jealous

TikTok user @derrickdowneyjr has unofficially, but officially adopted a squirrel that he named Richard. And they've since become best friends. He's gone all out to give Richard the life of luxury and we're so jealous.  

The friendship started with this TikToker giving Richard food. As Richard started coming around more and more, he decided it was time to build him a home. Yes, Richard has a full-on house! And now, just as any house needs, this creator started renovations. Talk about dedication!  

Wow! This is seriously unbelievable. First of all, Richard's house is two stories. And now, he has a whole front yard complete with a fence and patio furniture. He's living large! "I'm moving in," wrote @aquariusmoon1980. LOL! Who wouldn't want to move into that beautiful space?! 

"Aww I love it!! Richard is gonna be so happy!! 🐿💞," commented @auburncourt. He's going to be hosting all the squirrel parties with this amazing house! This has got us wondering though, can we come too? LOL! 

Another TikToker user @cateculp pointed out, "What I’m taking away from this is there are squirrels in the world who are more successful than me. Thanks, man." LMAO! Seriously though, Richard is out here living his best life. @chreister said, "Richard's out there living better than I am!" Ain't that the truth! It's honestly so sweet though that this TikToker spends his time giving Richard this beautiful home. We just hope he's ready because we have a feeling Richard will be coming around for a long, long time! 


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