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Video of Squirrel Enjoying 'Meal and a Movie' Is Maximum Cuteness

We've introduced you to TikTok user @derrickdowneyjr before, but here's a recap if you missed it. This TikToker befriended an unlikely wild animal that kept coming back. His friendship with the squirrel surprisingly continued to grow. He named the squirrel Richard and even built him his own home! But it doesn't end there.

Turns out Richard is living a better lifestyle than we are! Richard's house that this TikToker built him is more than just a mini house. We learned in this recent clip that the house even comes with a TV. What!? We can't even be mad though because watching the squirrel enjoy a meal and a movie is beyond adorable.

Stop it! We...we don't even have words for this. LOL! And it's not just any movie he's watching. He's watching arguably the best Christmas movie - Elf. We're expecting an invite to the next movie marathon at Richard's! 

"That’s Elfed up!" wrote @marthacomstock. LMAO! It is totally Elfed up for two reasons. We weren't invited AND Richard has a better house than we do! We'll let it slide this time because well, Richard is too cute! "He really looks like he is watching. That's awesome," said @sassiesnicker73. He's totally watching the movie. His eyes are glued to this amazing mini TV, which we didn't even know was possible to get a TV that small. HA!

@sriddle0 commented, "This is the cutest ever!!! Best Dad award for sure!!!" Oh without a doubt this TikToker is winning the award for Best Dad this year. He went above and beyond to give Richard the best life! 

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