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Video of St. Bernard Patiently Waiting to Kayak With Dad Is Melting Hearts

TikTok user @brodyandlulu has been sharing videos of his dogs’ outdoor adventures for over a year. His two dogs go kayaking, biking, hiking, anything outdoors, you name it! They have a more active lifestyle than we do! And it’s not that the owner is forcing these pups to go, they genuinely love adventure! It’s made even more clear in a recent viral video of his St. Bernard named Brody.

In the clip that has over 1.7 million views, Brody was patiently waiting for the next adventure. The creator films himself walking up a little path toward the water. The water is calm and the kayak is ready to go. The only thing missing was the kayakers - Brody and his dad. Well, technically only dad was missing. Brody was geared up and all set to go. His patience while waiting for his dad will blow your mind! 

Stop!! This is sooo sweet! Brody was patiently waiting, sitting in the kayak with his adorable life jacket on, all ready to go. It’s like he’s been waiting for hours for his dad to show up. He looks like an expert kayaker, and we’d bet anything he’s better than we are. 

TikTok users are obsessed with how cute this is and how sweet Brody is. One commenter, @cawncec said, “He seems like the kindest soul ❤️.” He definitely does! He wasn’t even barking to move his dad along. Brody was just vibing and enjoying the view! The only one upset with why dad was taking so long was commenters.  @SpaceBoull wrote, “Holding up his adventure!” Yeah Dad, put some pep in your step. The kayak isn’t going to move on its on! @HeyAuntWheez added, “Well, what took you so long 😂?” 

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The only thing better than this video is when Brody is out in the water! 

Amazing! We think @gregoryfrye65 put it best, “If I can’t retire like this, I don’t want it.” 

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