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St. Bernard’s Sad Reaction to Watching Grandpa’s Car Pull Away Breaks Our Hearts

Dogs just can't help but show their love for their favorite people, but this St. Bernard's emotional reaction to watching his grandpa drive away hit us right in the feels. 

Midas's mom recorded the bittersweet moment on her fur baby's TikTok account, As she consoles him with gentle words and some petting, the sweet boy keeps a watchful eye on his grandpa's car as it pulls away from their home. When he looks at his mom as if to say, "Where's he going?," our hearts absolutely shattered. BRB, still looking for all the pieces!

Grandpa better turn around right now and never leave Midas again! The look in this baby's eyes and the way he lies down to wait are just so telling; he's a Grandpa's boy for sure. As it turns out, he may not be the only St. Bernard to feel this way.

"My Saint is also obsessed with his Grandpa and competes mightily for his attention with my human child," commented @legallybrunette81. Aww! Our dogs are basically our babies already, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Still, it's heartwarming to see how Midas's precious reaction is letting other Saint owners reminisce about their own furry friends. 

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"I loved my Saint so much," @chrisharrison5960 began. "[I]t took a lot out of me when had to put him down. [T]hey are very sensitive animals." If Midas isn't proof enough of this breed's sensitivity, we don't know what is. It's exactly like @yunikai_san wrote: "If someone didn’t know that animals had feelings, Midas just showed they do, animals are a blessing ❤️." That they are! We don't know what we'd do without them. 

Even though this video brought so many sweet comments to the surface, we'll leave you with one that made us chuckle. "My saint likes to paw slap me," @flthydgnrate shared. "[It] was never a fair fight in the first place dude got slobber and and heavy paws so it’s an unfair battle." Unfair? Possibly. Hilarious? Absolutely!

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