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Tiny Puppy Thinks St. Bernard Sibling Is Her Mom in Precious Video

St. Bernards are known for being patient and watchful with children, but one dog is here to remind the Internet that they’re just as gentle with puppies, too. @Bearsdayz is a 1-year-old St. Bernard who recently met his baby sister, a Cocker Spaniel pup named Lolly. When the pair first locked eyes, Lolly took to Bear as if he were her mother (and yes, it is as adorable as it sounds). Luckily, the St. Bernard’s caring instincts kicked into gear, and he welcomed his sister in the sweetest way.

On behalf of TikTok, we'd like to give Bear and Lolly's family a round of applause for sharing this precious moment. If this doesn't make you consider getting your dog a sibling, perhaps nothing will. Take a look!

Our hearts can’t handle it! From the very first moment they were nose-to-nose, Bear was as gentle and accepting as can be. Just like commenter @jasmine_obsessivehair gushed, “Bear is such a beautiful soul 🥰.” That’s a St. Bernard for you! Sweet little Lolly was just as accepting of her big brother, though, especially when she needed some mother-like support. 

“Aww bless!” @iLorahcreates began, “Always need to the remember the little ones have just left their mumma and need a little comfort 🥰.” That’s so true! Props to Bear for stepping in for his baby sis. Aside from a glance or two to his human parents, he doesn’t seem to mind Lolly’s cuddles in the slightest. 

Although, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to cuddle with a big floofer like Bear? Viewer @ajksldlfh had the same thought: "Stop! This is far too cute. I’d want snuggles too. 🥺❤️🐶" So...where's the sign-up list for Bear cuddles?

For some viewers, this heartwarming video brought up memories of their own fur babies. "We got my senior dog a kitten and he took to my dog immediately," wrote @musicloverxo91 "and she knew he was missing his mama and he did this exact thing with her and she Let him and they were so close." Excuse us while we grab the tissues!

Whatever kinds of memories or thoughts this video brings up, one thing is for sure: these sweet siblings are warming hearts faster than they're warming up each other.