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Video of Saint Bernard Quietly Enjoying a Rainstorm Is the Peace We All Need

We have finally found where we want to spend every single rainstorm from now until the end of time. We won't need to be snuggled up on the couch with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Instead, all we need is a big fluff ball to keep us calm and at peace. Something to hold on tight if the thunder gets a little too close for your comfort. You'll be wanting the exact same too after watching this adorable TikTok from

The creator was making her way home when she noticed her sweet Saint Bernard named Midas waiting by the door. He was laying down on the ground, right below the door frame. And although he was sitting inside, the door was open so he could still see, hear, and smell the rainfall. Whoever said big doggos can't find peace clearly has never met Midas. The rain is his zen and he is ours! 

Ugh, SO cute! Not only was he enjoying the summer rainstorm, he was so excited when his owner came home. Midas was in a state of zen so instead of jumping up at the sight of mom, he just wagged his little tail! Well, not little, LOL! "Oh my gosh the big floofy tail wagin," wrote @skylarwhite82. The cutest tail wagging we ever did see! 

TikTok user @Sidney Anderson said, "That is my kind of dog. We'd be perfect together." Right?! A fluffy dog to use as a pillow in times of comfort. A big puppo to enjoy lazy, rainy days together. Midas is the dog of all of our dreams! @lordvader74 added, "Awww what a cute giant." Aww, Midas really is like a friendly giant! 

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