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Video of St. Bernard 'Supervising' Baby's Bath Is the Absolute Sweetest

Everyone agrees that the two cutest categories of videos are baby videos and dog videos, and when you combine the two, it is absolutely magical. On that note, if you're looking for the sweetest baby and dog video ever, look no further.

Frankie the St. Bernard takes her older sister duties very seriously, and that includes the important job of bath time supervisor. In the video posted by @tessahighmark on TikTok, you can see Frankie doing a once-over of her baby sister's bath time situation to ensure everything is going well. This very good girl checks to make sure the water temperature is comfortable for the baby and confirms her little sister is safe in her baby bathtub. See how sweet and gentle Frankie is during their interaction below!

Awww! This is too sweet. St. Bernards are known to be wonderful family dogs, and this is the perfect example of why! The caring attention and gentle sniffs are so good.

Many people in the comments were praising the special bond between Frankie and the baby. @alexa_loa said, "Having a dog as a big sibling is unmatched. Love watching ours bond together!!" and @jltrademarksign commented, "That child will grow up with a core memory of that sweet dog's nose an inch from her face." This is truly a wonderful way to establish a lifelong bond between your fur baby and your human baby!

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Others in the comments imagined Frankie was coaching the baby through bath time. @cgrescuemama said, 'Little Bebe looking at her pup like “Am I good? You approve?” Love this so much.' Another user, @libragonzo, imagined Frankie was saying, '"Sis it's okay they make me do this too sometimes. If you behave and stay still, it gets done quicker and they give you treats."' Too funny, and very typical older sister energy!

Frankie is such a good pup, and we can tell the bond between these two will last a lifetime.  

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