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St. Bernard's Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 'Review' Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

Seems like these days, all dogs get spoiled with treats. You can't get a coffee without getting a pup cup for your four-legged bestie or even open the fridge without hearing them running over. People are making homemade dog treats and even doggie beer! They have it all! But what really has dogs screaming for more is everyone's favorite dessert - ice cream

A TikTok famous St. Bernard named @babymoooossee has given us his review on a Ben and Jerry's Doggie Dessert. This big fluff-boy is laser focused and clearly can't get enough of this treat. His ice cream review has quickly reached over 417.8K views with 84.1K likes. If this doesn't make you want to run out and get some for your pups, we don't know what will! 

That's the most honest, well thought out food review we've seen! And we have to trust his recommendation because he licked that cup entirely clean. "😁 That’s a lil' snack-pack dollop for him. He needs a big bucket of num num. Lol he is so freakin' cute!!!!" wrote one commenter. What do we have to do around here to get Moose a bigger scoop?! @Ash said, "Get him a big boy size! 1 gallon should do it!" We think even 2 gallons! 

"He's saying, 'Mom you got the sample size again but it ok,'" said @amaine24230. "My bad 😂," she replied. Just don't let it happen again, mom! We also have to applaud Moose for how sweetly he ate his ice cream. "He has nice manners. My Newf would inhale the entire cup, chew, and spit out the mangled cup part if I let him….😎," commented @Gerald Rowden. Do table manners get him another treat?! 

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"Is this what heaven looks like?" asked @Jessica Hickerson. We can only hope heaven is this amazing. Give us all the dogs and ice cream, and we'll be more than satisfied! 

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