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Rescue Staff's Send-Off for Newly-Adopted Dog Brings Tears to Our Eyes

It's a cause for celebration when any animal finds their forever home, especially for the people who adopt them. This particular adoption, though, had shelter staff over the moon. They even lined up to say goodbye! 

Stevie had been a resident of the South African rescue @DogtownSA since July 2016, so it was even more exciting than normal when this rescue pup found his perfect match almost 6 years later. To send Stevie off on his freedom ride, shelter staff lined up to give the dog applause, cheers, and lots of scratches on his way to the car. 

It was a bittersweet moment for the folks who had been caring for Stevie all this time, but the occasion could not have been happier. They just seem to adore him, and he seemed to love them right back! 

"The people he jumped on 🥺, also, the last man, you all clearly treated him so well," commented @raychjackson, who noticed the same thing we did. Stevie and his rescuers seemed crazy for one another, which must mean he's been surrounded by lots of love since 2016. We wish that could be the case for every shelter pup!

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Even though all these shelters lined up to give this bouncy boy the best send-off, "Stevie clearly has his favorites 😂." @inkypinky43 continued, "they are going to miss him so much but so happy that he has a home." We can only imagine how happy he is! 

It's a big moment, after all, so we'll forgive him for forgetting a few goodbyes on his way to his new home. "Not Stevie skipping some people 😏," commented @kookiemug. LOL! These people have only been taking care of you for 6 years, Stevie--no big deal! 

We're sure they were thrilled to see this funny boy go to his forever home, even if he was a bit too excited to remember everything. Rescues and adoptions like this are what it's all about! 

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