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Pit Bull's Emotional Reaction to Getting a Hug Is Making People Melt

Developing a relationship with your pet can take time and work, but it's all worth it when they finally learn to trust you. And then magically you become their favorite person in the whole world. That was the case for an American Staffordshire Terrier who was positively glowing during a hug from his human. Now that's a happy boy!

The best hug in the universe was caught on camera and later shared on Rio's TikTok page @riothebluestaffie. The video shows the dog going straight in for a hug from his human and the look on his face is radiant. 

The short but sweet video made a huge impact online with over 4 millions views. "Dangerous Staffy," his owner joked in the caption in French. 

"Crying right now that smile is so pure," @anae.cht wrote in the comments section. "His little sparkling eyes melted my heart," @joys.spams added. "And they say Pit Bulls are killers and dangerous?! Look at this beautiful bright smile that little dog has!!!" @_weirdo..0._13 gushed. "They are called man's best friend for a reason," @bruninho11449 pointed out.

A second video on Rio's page shows that he's always been sort of a lover. The footage shows the pup indulging in some cuddles both today and two years ago when he was a puppy. "This purity," the caption reads in French. 

Moments like these are so fleeting. We just know that Rio is so loved. "For us, those are the most beautiful eyes in the world," his owners wrote later in the caption. "Rio is only purity and love."