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Staffordshire Terrier's Ghost Halloween Costume Is Just Irresistible

Going for a few years strong every time fall rolls around, there's nothing more adorable than the "ghost" dog trend on TikTok, and seeing all the hilariously inventive ways pet owners get their little ghosties ready for halloween. 

Such is the case with this adorably spooky video that @Huey_ The_Blue_The_Staffy posted, and when they post "the best ghost staffy dog you'll see this Halloween!" we have a hard time disagreeing with that. 

O.M.G Stop! This is too freaking adorable. @JoJomimi819 says, "Adorable little ghost!" We have to agree with @DarrenandPhillip who replied, "Still 100% cute and not spooky." LOL, no, not very spooky but for sure cute. @Marietta123 posts, " Not a bad idea..Huey Halloween costume easily made in 5 minutes without a penny.Give him now yummy treats mom!" 

This good ghost boy deserves all the treats! Then you can use his costume napkin to clean his cute little face after, LOL! 

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