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Video of Steers Who Appear to Be Terrified of a Tiny Bunny Is Making People LOL

Cows are so big it seems almost impossible that anything could scare them. But watch this video of a whole group of steers who were completely spooked by a teeny, tiny bunny rabbit. These guys couldn't get away from the bunny fast enough and watching them scatter is too funny. 

The hysterical footage was shared by @taliasfarmtok, who was probably in stitches after seeing all of their steers get in a tizzy. "Steers vs Bunny," they wrote in the caption.

We can't believe all of those steers were so scared! Just look at how they tried to avoid the bunny as it innocently hopped through their field. 

With over 2.7 million views, people online couldn't stop laughing. "Cows afraid of a baby They're like 400lbs!" @dohdahditty wrote. "Oh my that bunny is really taking its life into its own paws!" @daroop83 added. "Ran that gauntlet like it was nothin, beast mode," @dayman42069 joked. "Um I’m just curious but what kind of cattle dog is that?" @whitesox0077 teased. 

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If you want to see some of the cows on the farm having the complete opposite experience, take a look at what happened when they saw a piglet for the first time. 

Assuredly, these cows must've been relieved that it wasn't another bunny.

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