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Corgi Gets Lured To Sewer In Hilarious Homage to 'It'

There's nothing better than getting all cozy and watching a scary movie during spooky season, and one of the most popular scary movies of the last ten years is Stephen King's 'It.' This most recent adaptation stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise The Clown and it's a super scary movie! Way too scary for a lot of people and way too scary for a precious, adorable little Corgi dogs like Ham in the following video. 

@Hammyandolivia posted this hilarious homage to It and get ready to cover your eyes when he follows that red balloon to the sewer!

That voice is killing us! It's just so funny! @Ch1co posts, "Ham, stranger danger!" Yes, Ham, you should not follow a voice into a sewer no matter how much popcorn they offer you. @Vegasdiamondgirl adds "This was one of my favorite Hammy Videos Run Hammy Run!!" @Aj says "Hammy has no sense of self-awareness. Goodbye doggo." Lol, poor Hammy! We hope he got all the popcorn he could eat down there. 

 We gotta love such creative pet owners who make such funny videos. But special request? Next time make Ham star in a nice romcom. This horror movie was way too scary! 

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