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Playful Stingray Spits Water At Owner in Cheeky Video We Can't Resist

When it comes to keeping an aquarium pet, fish and crabs are what most often come to mind. Would you ever expect to meet someone with a pet stingray? It sounds wild--and unbelievably cool--but it's just life for @tanktakeover, who named his TikTok account very appropriately. 

As his bio explains, tanks and aquariums are taking over his house, but by the looks of it, he wouldn't have it any other way. And neither would his followers! It's safe to say that they're obsessed with his pets, but Ravioli the stingray is definitely a crowd favorite. With his cheeky personality, it's easy to see why!

OMG, Ravioli totally spit water at @tanktakeover and loved himself for it! Just as @taco_hamel pointed out in their comment, "Did nobody else notice how he opens his mouth after, and is laughing about spitting the water? 🤣." He's such a little stinker! 

Before we could ask, we saw @yeahimprettybutimloco's comment. "Does anybody know why they do that??? I’m curious," she asked. Any guesses what the answer is?

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"It’s how he shows his playful moods," Tank Takeover replied. How cute! It definitely does seem like a joyful, positive interaction, but we thought @lindymf427's question was on point, too.

"Is it a defense?" she asked. "Like is he scared or is it just playful? He’s so cute :)." We definitely agree with you there, Lindy.

"If he was defense he wouldn’t come up to us and would have his barb out 😁," Ravioli's dad replied. That's so interesting! Body language is such an important form of communication between different species, so it's cool to see this in action with a less common pet. Thanks for teaching us, Tank Takeover!

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