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Story of Cat Stolen From Park Slope Bodega Finally Comes to a Close

One bodega owner from Park Slope, Brooklyn is breathing a sigh of relief after his cat Boka was returned to his home. Majeed Albahri is the owner of Green Olives Deli and caught a man on camera snatching Boka right outside his store last week. Rightfully so, people online were outraged once the video went public. But don't too worked up, the happy cat has since been returned.

The story first broke recently, when it was revealed that Boka had been taken from the deli. Now footage of his homecoming was shared on the @newyorknico TikTok page. "Last week, Boka the cat (@kediboka) was stolen from @green.olives.deli in Park Slope," the video's text overlay reads. "It was all on camera. The good people of the internet drummed up enough awareness and the thief finally returned Boka to his home a couple days ago." Boka looks so happy to be home!

People in the comments section were so happy to see Boka's safe return. "I’m so happy that the bodega cat is safe," @tati.sprout wrote. "THANK THE LORD I CRIED WHEN SOMEONE STOLE HIM," @kerrvurenthusiasm exclaimed. "He looks like he’s smiling at the end, happy he’s back home at the bodega," @roxxxy1028 added. "I Googled this the other day to find out if Boka had been returned. So glad there was a happy ending!" @alexis_anthony chimed in. 

Many people wanted to know how the cat was miraculously returned and on Instagram Albahri explained all. "The way that Boka was returned is that he was given by the man who had taken him, to someone who knew who he was, and then that person gave him to another person, and that other person brought him to me at the store," he wrote. "This happened about a week after he was taken."

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Unfortunately, that means that Albahri doesn't know the identity of the man who took Baka. But it's clear that he's happy to get him back. "Look forward to more videos of Boka happily living his life. I look forward to spending it with him," he added.

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