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Story of Stolen Ferret Returned to Pet Store Raises So Many Questions

Though Pet Land's 'open door' policy rarely leads to any mishaps, one recent story has everybody talking. Luckily, everything is A-OK in the end! Anyone who visits one of these stores can pet or pick up any animal straight from its enclosure, but one person recently took it a little too far.

Shortly after discovering that one of their ferrets was missing, @petlandnht got him back...along with an 'I'm sorry' card! It certainly was an unusual situation, but we're just glad that the ferret is safe and sound.

That story is such a wild ride! We have no idea what could've compelled someone to steal a ferret (and then return them), but commenter @alishiakinsman8 has a theory. She said, "Why do I get the feeling it was a kid and the parents didn’t know until after ." That's a great guess! Especially with the card, that could very well be the case. Then again--it could be anyone behind this--nobody knows!

Either way, we agree wholeheartedly with @hmmidontknowboutthat, who said: "Aww, the way you approached the situation with kindness and understanding is so wonderful." We admire it so much! A little thoughtfulness goes a long way, whether you're dealing with a person or a ferret.

"Aww at least they gave him back," wrote @bugz.and.feathers. "Loved how they put lots of soft blankets in there for him to feel comfortable." Of course, that's not to say that stealing from a pet store is OK if the pet is taken care of--but it's always best to think and speak with kindness, no matter the situation. 

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