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Video of St. Augustine Zoological Park Staff Securing a Stork for the Storm Is Going Viral

As Hurricane Ian hits Florida, people across the state are doing their best to secure their houses and put their animals in the safest places possible. This includes putting large and uncommon animals in unusual places, just like this zoo had to do in preparation for the storm.

The St. Augustine Alligator Zoo recently shared a video on their TikTok, @staugalligatorfarmzoo, showing their plan to keep the animals safe. In the video, a group of zoo keepers are securing a stork in one of the bathrooms at the zoo! Check out the video to see this amusing video amid a stressful situation.

Wow, this is some creative thinking from the zoo staff! We are impressed with this solution and love how they put all of their birds in various bathrooms across the facility. Keep up the important work!

People in the comments are praising the zoo staff for their dedication to keeping the animals safe. @binkyboyeh said, "Thank you for rescuing the animals!" and @liveinlove090 commented, "What a beautiful animal. So glad they’re safe." It's so heartwarming seeing animal caretakers and farmers from across Florida put so much effort into keeping their animals safe!

Others took the opportunity to crack a few jokes about the video. @diarymode commented, 'He’s like, “Huh, so you haven’t remodeled anything in here since the last storm.”' Another user, @airheadsxtremesman, said, "This is going to put him way behind on his baby delivery schedule." This stork would have preferred an updated bathroom if he was going to be stuck in there, but he supposes this will suffice.

We are keeping everyone impacted by the hurricane in our thoughts as the storm plays out. We hope everyone comes out on the other side safe, and we hope this stork can go back to his preferred accommodations at the zoo!

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