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Video of Florida Shelter Dogs Ahead of Hurricane Ian Shows How Badly 'Storm Fosters' Are Needed

Hurricanes can cause millions of dollars in damages and in some situations be extremely dangerous. But that doesn't just go for humans. We often forget that there are so many un-housed animals that suffer during a storm too.  Just like the dogs at the Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg, Florida.

The dogs were featured in a video shared by TikTok creator @tracyfosterling who was hoping to find all of these pups a brand new home — ASAP. "Help these babies!" she wrote. 

"A major hurricane is coming to Florida and shelters desperately need your help!" she added in the video's text overlay. "Many shelters will flood. It's too dangerous for the animals and the employees," she continued. She advised anyone who was able to come and foster an animal — at least for a few days. 

"Head to your local shelter to foster a baby through this storm," she added in the caption.

People in the comments section were distraught. "Please let's help get them out of danger so they do have adoption chances," @baconccg wrote. "Oh didn’t think of this. I really hope it isn’t bad," @fastwheels27 commented. "Reposting, hope everything will be alright," @that_minilop_family added. 

Later in the thread, Fosterling shared a bit of good news: "All of these dogs have found storm fosters!!" she wrote. "But many at other shelters are still waiting!!" 

Let's get every pup some shelter through the storm!

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