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Austrailian Man's Attempt to Help Stranded Turtle Is Giving People Life

It's not always easy to tell when an animal could use a helping hand, but with some education and a keen eye, anyone can look out for local wildlife. Just ask TikToker and wildlife enthusiast Brodie Moss, who goes by @ybsbrodie on Instagram. The Aussie is known for his extensive knowledge of Australian flora and fauna, as well as his passion for rescuing animals, so an encounter like this viral one is nothing out of the ordinary for him.

To the rest of us, though, it's pretty dang impressive. Brodie himself isn't even the rescuer of this story, but his enthusiasm and empathy for the animal gave the turtle all they needed to get themself unstuck. It just goes to show--a little perseverance and positivity go a long way!

What an inspiring story! Brodie does an awesome job of leaving nature alone except when necessary, and this video is the perfect example. A little respect for wildlife can go a long way, but that's only one reason why he has so many fans.

"Oh Brodie, I just discovered you and you make me smile with positivity," commented @kevinandbaileydog. Right? He's so passionate and thoughtful--no wonder he has so many fans! Just like @dhansen8 wrote, "Your enthusiasm for this turtle is amazing! I had to watch the video multiple times. I adore you! You’re awesome! 🥰." See? Positivity is contageous!

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Though some commenters like @emily.fletcher.1 loved "The Jack Sparrow run ❤️," others were genuinely impressed by this guy's love for the earth and its creatures. "You remind me of Steve Irwin ❤️," said @piratedrake, and honestly, we can totally see it. These two would've been great friends, for sure.

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