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Strangers Band Together to Rescue Neglected Pony and We Can't Stop Crying

A pony named Ghost has been given a fresh start after he was found by a group of strangers. The whole miraculous save as caught on film by TikTok creator @yasryd, who was one of the people who worked hard to make sure that Ghost found a new home after he was left neglected in the heat. 

As hard as it might be to imagine, this poor little guy was in rough shape when the TikToker found him. "Found a neglected pony next to our campsite on holiday, just left to rot but with the heart of an angel," they wrote in video's the text overlay. "He was so sweet but had no water (in a heatwave), his mane was matted with burrs and he was scarily underweight." They managed to get Ghost some food and water, brushed the burrs out of his hair, and a few "special souls" helped the TikToker try and find Ghost's owner. 

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. They managed to convince Ghost's owners to sell him and quickly worked together to bring Ghost home. "Welcome home Ghost!" 

People in the comments section were cheering. "The world feels a better place when you and others were determined enough to do something and save a beautiful soul," @freddiesantics wrote. "People like you are the true heroes in this world," @lynnsmith71 agreed. "What a happy ending for Ghost. Fate you went there on holiday. He’s a very lucky boy," @samandozzy praised. "Awwww he is absolutely beautiful. What would have become of him without you? Beautiful to see him happy," @marteen_ chimed in. 

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An update video shows Ghost adjusting to his new home. 

"He's loving life," the onscreen caption reads.

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