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Video Showing How Well Stray Animals Are Cared for in Turkey Is Going Viral

No matter where you travel, you've probably run into a stray animal before. And it's always so heartbreaking. You just want to scoop them up and help them. A lot of times locals don't want you helping out the strays because that means they'll keep coming back for more. If only all locals could be more like residents of Turkey. 

TikTok user @travelwithzoee shared a very eye-opening clip of the stray animals living in Turkey. The locals actually care for the strays. Aww! The clip, which has over 3.2 million views, is a montage showing all the different locations where these strays usually end up in Turkey. She wrote in the caption, "Starbucks, Mango and other boutiques allow them to take shelter inside..." That's amazing! But wait, the locals do even more! You'll be shocked to see how cared for these animals are in the streets of Turkey.

Aww! We never like to see stray animals because it breaks our hearts that they don't have a home, but we were pleasantly by this video. The animals are cared for in Turkey! Shops let them sleep inside and give them food and fresh water. And there are even little water fountains outside for them. What?! That's amazing!

Not only are the strays cared for, but they're also all so stinking cute! "THE CAT ON THE JEANS IM MELTING," wrote @aleevia. The most precious thing we've ever seen! And a serious question, if you buy a pair of jeans, does the cat come with it? If so, we'll take 12! LOL!

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"All the animals are looked after and are so clean and it makes me so happy," said @t4leenf. Us too! It truly warms our hearts. "Honestly feel like this is a beautiful balance I wouldn't mind seeing this. We take up so much space why not," added @cobrabubblessss. We're the ones who took their space in the first place so the least we can do is share with them! Although these strays are cared for here, it is important to note that it's not the case everywhere. We just hope one day it will be! 

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