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Stray Cat's Loving Way of Thanking Woman for Feeding Him Is So Special

As animal lovers, we always go out of our way to help animals that may need assistance when we encounter them. Whether it's helping a lost dog track down their owner or nursing an injured bird back to health, we'll be there. One woman helped a stray cat with acquiring some food, and the result is amazing.

TikTok user @6yasmine recently shared a video of a stray cat that she encountered in Alacati, Turkey while on vacation. With text on the video, she explains that she fed this stray cat, and his way of thanking her is just precious. Check out the video to see how this cat expressed his gratitude!

Awww, this is so sweet! That cat was giving her some very lovely hugs and kisses to say thank you for the food. We wish we could get some kitty hugs like that, they looked very comforting!

People in the comments said they would have been tempted to take the cat home. @ms_g00d said, "I would have taken the cat home... He’s a fur-ever friend!" and @em1bunny commented, "I would fold so quickly, OMG. I'd pack him in my suitcase and bring him home." We can definitely see the appeal in keeping this cat around and getting those hugs all the time!

Others were jealous of this experience. @chicblackandgirly commented, "Why can’t this ever happen to me?" and @kylee.elisa said, "This is where I want to be. I want to live this exact moment." This seems like a very peaceful and healing moment!

We are so glad this kitty was able to get a little bit of food, and his reaction is so special. Let this be a lesson to always do good deeds because you never know when it'll produce an encounter like this!

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