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Stray Cat 'Claims' Woman As Her Mom on Mexico Beach and We're So Jealous

While most of us travel to get away from it all, the truth is almost anything can happen on vacation. Sometimes things go exactly as planned, while other trips take a strange turn. Just like it did for TikTok creator @originofabundance, who was caught off guard by an extra-friendly stray cat who found her while on a recent vacation to Mexico. 

Marissa Montano was clearly not expecting the surprise visit from the stray, but thankfully she shared the whole hilarious story online. "POV: You're reading a book at the beach in Mexico when a stray kitten suddenly arrives on your blanket and decides you're her new mama," the text overlay reads. This cat wasn't afraid to get up close and personal either — take a look! 

"I got 'can I pet your cat' like five times…" the Montano joked in the caption. And by the looks of the video, we can totally believe it.

The video has since been watched over 17 million times and commenters were just as stunned as Montano was. "I can hear the purr just from seeing him doing the paw stuff," @augmenteddisappointment joked. "She just adopted you ma’am," @crabw.hat teased. "And she immediately started prepping dough for baking," @miloskobe wrote. "*Calls airline* so I need to add a carry on kennel for my return flight…" @cursed.frogurt kidded. 

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Montano shared even more updates of her and her new kitty BFF, although it's unclear if she really did bring the kitten home. "Endless tacos de pescado for my little Mexicat," she joked in one update. 

We're so happy these two found each other.

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