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Woman Lets in 'Grumpy' Stray Cat to Escape the Rain and People Are Invested

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the stay animals when the weather gets bad? Where do they find coverage from the rain or snow? Are they warm enough? Can they still find water? The list goes on and on. 

Luckily, there are some people like TikTok user @charitygunter94 who look after these stray animals. Some might leave water bowls outside. But this TikToker took it a step further. She actually brought in a 'grumpy' stray cat into her home and we're obsessed. Check it out! 

O.M.G. We would've never known he hasn't lived there before. He looks like he fits right in, sleeping the day away on the couch! She has to keep him! 

"'He doesn't live here...' Jokes on you ma'am. He definitely does now," said @mzjen74. HA! We don't think she minds that Carlos lives there now. In fact, she wants him! Hopefully, her two other cats will welcome him too. How could they not? He's precious! 

@ptraciedactyl commented, "I love that some strays just decide to retire from that life and they just find themselves a home." YES! That's exactly what happened here. Or at least that's what it seems like. Let's check the update and see!  

Aww! How sweet is this!? He enjoys coming in and out of the house, getting his water and sleeping when he needs it. That's what we like to call a great life! 

"Yes...let's compromise and keep him anyway," wrote @saltwater_life_sue. Seems pretty far to us! Plus, she made an excellent point. Carlos picked her which means he has to stay with them forever! We don't make the rules. LOL!

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