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Woman's Story of Rescuing a Scared Stray Cat Reminds Us of the Power of Kindness

TikTok user @budthegsd was out one day walking her dog when they came across a scared, stray cat. The TikToker didn't have water or food on her so she decided to come back with some for the cat. And if the cat followed them to the car, then she'd take her. 

Low and behold, the cat followed them right into the car. She was definitely scared during the drive, as she hid under the seats. But the cat must've know the woman was there to help. Watch the rest of this touching story! 

Aww! We feel so bad. How could anyway leave that beautiful baby? And we do think someone left her because the creator wrote in the comments that her front was declawed which you can assume means she had an owner. Ugh, at least this woman found this beauty and is taking care of her. 

"That meow 💔def starving and dehydrated thank u so much," wrote @tifflovarothstein. Thank you times a million. We seriously can't get over the fact how nice people are @brittanyadempsey said, "The purring omg." So stinkin' cute! The creator said she hasn't stopped purring. Aww! We love to hear that. 

Check out one of the recent updates! 

"Bless her, she's so glad for a safe place to rest," commented @tikt0nks. She deserves it more than anything. You can tell she's so relieved to have a loving home again. And we can't wait to see this cat become stronger every day thanks to the kindness of this woman. 


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