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Homeless Kitten's Sweet Rescue Story Restores Our Faith in Humanity

This is such a touching story. TikTok user @Mayhemmav.gsd tells the tale of how they coaxed feral cats into their yard by offering food, affection and patience. The mama cat starts off eating the dog's food and soon brings her kittens with her, recognizing it was a safe place for her to be with her offspring. 

Just watch this sweet video and get ready to cry happy tears. 

Such a wonderful story! Even better? The remaining cat has an appointment next week to get fixed. We do worry about the mama cat and other kitten, but at least one sweet baby has found a home. @Beaumonj types, "Thank you for saving this one and doing everything you could for the other two. You’re their guardian angel." VKat posts, "Thank you for helping, people constantly failing these cats is hard to see." @Kaycuo comments, "Funny how stray cats know where good people live!" 

Sadly, there are a few judgmental comments complaining that @Mayhemmav.gsd doesn't invite the cat into the home, and they explained that they do come in on occasion, whenever the cat wishes to. Sometimes with feral cats it can be difficult to keep them inside, but vaccinating and spaying/neutering, feeding and providing outdoor shelter is still an amazing thing to do for these animals. 

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