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Homeless Cats' Reactions to Being Given Hand-Me-Down Toys Are So Pure

If life were perfect we'd live in a world where every animal had a home, and we'd never encounter stray animals out in the street. So many kind people out there trap and bring strays to their local shelter. They participate in 'catch, neuter, release' programs that help to control the unwanted pet populations. They purchase warming boxes for homeless cats to bed down in winter. 

People leave food and water out for these homeless animals, but @Thewizard.of.cats did something unexpected in the following video that will surely make your day. 

What a sweet idea! Street cats should ideally be re-homed but in some cases that's just not possible, so it's always so heartwarming to see people leaving them food and water. Giving these stray cats toys as well is such a wonderful idea. @CocoinNYC agrees typing, "This is the sweetest thing!!! You are awesome!!" @Zerimarnyleave5 adds, "The outside cats are always more appreciative than the indoor cats." @Zuzu posts, "I do this as well it warms my heart seeing them play since they’re always so gloomy. Sitting down at first they didn’t know how to use it." 

Ideally, every cat would have a safe home to live in but until that day happens caring for the ones that have nowhere to go is just as kind as can be. If you encounter a homeless cat you should try to bring it to your local shelter or Humane Society

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