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Foster Dog Mom Hailed a Hero for Rescuing Little Pup From the 'Dollar Store' Parking Lot

We can't believe the lengths that one woman went to for a stray dog she saw at the Dollar Store. Kristin (@erwin100315 on TikTok) knew that she needed to help the pup when employees told her the dog had been there for weeks. And now seeing what she did for him is so heartwarming. 

The TikToker joked that the dog was the "cutest little find at the dollar store" and shared the moment that she decided to take action. See for yourself in the video below. 

As she explained in the footage, employees told her that someone was on the way to come get the dog when she asked. So she left her number "just in case." The other person was a no-show, so late that night Kristin drove back to the store and picked up the pup. Hooray!

With over 600,000 views, people in the comments section were praising the woman for doing the right thing. "Thank you for going back for him," @lrod04569 wrote. "Oh my God you are so lucky he is the absolute cutest little man I ever saw. Wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and love together," @botch89 commented. "It’s 3 am. I’m a sobbing mess watching every single video of yours. Thank you for being such a kind person to these babies," @its.sam.antha.m chimed in. 

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The dog mama even shared an update later on her page and it looks like he's doing a-okay. 

We love a happy ending.

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