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Video of Stray Dogs Fending for Themselves on the U.S.-Mexico Border Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

There are so many animals in need around the world. Including a group of dogs that correspondent Robert Sherman (@robertshermantv) found at the U.S. and Mexican border that have been abandoned. Seeing these dogs alone will definitely bring a tear to your eye. 

Sherman got up close and personal with the pups while reporting from Eagle Pass, Texas recently. "There are stray dogs everywhere," he wrote in the caption. The looks on their faces are so sad. 

"This guy is so frickin' friendly," he said in the footage, as one of the dog comes over for a cuddle. "This is what we see everyday, stray dogs all over the place," he added. The dogs were left there when "migrants cross into the US, they have to give up just about all their worldly possessions. One of them, unfortunately, is their pets." What's worse — "All of the shelters here in Eagle Pass are full," he wrote in the caption. 

Thankfully, the video seems to be raising awareness and has been watched over 80,000 times. " We all have to get together & find a way to help all these animals," @sheilaa305 urged in the comments section. "I saw this in Mexico too. I said if I win the lottery I would go back and get them," @graffgrace vowed. "Thank you for what you do! I wish I was out there with you guys!" @sicilysangel chimed in. 

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If you or someone you know would like to help these dogs, Sherman included a link to a GiveSendGo page, which is raising money to pay for their vet bills. 

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