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Couple Meets a Street Dog at 'Starbucks' in Turkey and Their Journey to Adopt Her Is So Inspiring

A couple's life turned upside down when they just so happen to run into a special fur baby at a Starbucks in Turkey. They recently shared their story on their TikTok account @rescuinglaia and we're here for it. 

A street dog wandered towards them at a Starbucks. The poor pup didn't want any food or water, just love and attention. So the couple did exactly that. But the story doesn't end there. Check it out! 

O.M.G. How sweet is this?! We can't believe the dog followed them back to their hotel and waited for them. Ugh, our hearts! We're so glad they knew that was a sign they needed this baby. That dog was clearly meant to be with them.

"Sometimes we pick them and sometimes they pick us. Sometimes they are the love we never knew we needed," said @josieandersonsmith. This couple definitely wasn't going to Turkey to adopt a dog, but now they know it was what they needed. @justinecp426 added, "Love these stories, it’s like they know and they choose you." The most beautiful stories indeed. 

Another TikTok user, @Miriam Diaz, wrote, "I'm telling you, people like you guys have a special place in heaven." That's 100% true. Humans who are kind of animals also have a special place in our hearts forever. We can't wait to see Laia get back to the U.K. with her new family!


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