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Dolphins Show Off Their Skills to Surfers in Unbelievably Beautiful Video

From the huge waves to the unknown depths and the slimy floor, the ocean can be a scary beast. Well, that's what some believe. But others live for the ocean. They could swim in it all day long, go exploring and surf the waves. And then you could be like us, on the fence if you like the ocean or not. So if that's the case, maybe the incredible drone footage from TikTok user @trystan_and_zora will change your mind!

In this particular clip, the drone is following two dolphins swimming under the water. Luckily the water is clear so you can see where they are. These dolphins were swimming right next to some surfers in the water. We'd never expect dolphins to be so close to surfers but this just proves us wrong. As it turns out, the dolphins also wanted to prove a point - they're the ocean's best surfers. Watch the drone footage as these dolphins show the humans in the water how to really ride the waves!  

Is this not the most incredible thing you've seen?! The dolphins really wanted to hang out and show the surfers their skills. And to be fair, we'd watch them over any surfer! @badblues27 said, "🐬= 'Look hooman this is how you surf the waves'😂." Aww! That totally seems like what these two dolphins were doing. They were impressed with the surfers, but they wanted to let them know they were still the best in the water. LOL!

"They deliberately avoided a collision with the surfers as if by virtue or beautiful from such attitude from these beauties....💚💚💚💚," commented @user9407338040236. Wow, that's so true! They knew how to keep enough space but still hang out with everyone else in the water. @behappy392 added, "Definitely their playground! I am glad they share it with us!" We're so glad and we bet these surfers are too. Talk about an incredible moment to witness in person! 

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