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Family Wakes Up to 'Surprise Baby Donkey' in Their Pasture

There are some surprises the world just can't top. Whether it's a child's long-awaited gift on Christmas morning or a visit from someone you haven't seen in ages--can't you practically feel that excitement, joy, and utter confusion?! If you can, then you know exactly how the folks at @fairytail_farm felt when they woke up to the cutest surprise in their pasture one morning.

The team had no idea their rescue donkey was even pregnant, but they loved baby Stewie from the moment they laid eyes on him. We're willing to bet you'll fall in love, too!

What a little cutie pie! We are obsessed with Stewie already, and we've never even met the angel. His caretakers must be head over heels! We know @fairytail_farm's followers sure are.

"What a beautiful gift," wrote viewer @elke_tallulah. He sure is! We can only imagine the shock from the rescuers when they woke up to one extra donkey, but we're willing to bet it took only a minute before shock melted into adoration. Just look at those cuddles!

"Do you think he’ll help the rescues with their fears bc he’s so carefree?" asked @stringofthings. How sweet would that be? We loved that Fairytail Farm answered, "YES! His mom learned to lead simply by watching me work with him. I never trained her and she is a pro!" Aww! Little Stewie is making a big impact on his family and friends already. Who knew there's so much to learn from one little surprise? Clearly--Stewie did! 

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