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Video of Surprise Highlander Calf Has Us Captivated

Everyone loves to wake up to a pleasant surprise in the morning. It puts you in the perfect mood for the day and sets you up for success with all of your tasks and chores. One man was lucky enough to recently have an amazing surprise that would leave even the most stoic person squealing.

TikTok user @donny12300 recently shared a video of the cows on his farm. In the video, he shows the viewers the latest surprise on the farm: a new calf! To see this sweet baby meanders around this farm with Mom in the Scottish Highlands, check out the video and see this adorable calf for yourself.

Awww, this calf is absolutely precious! It must be so fun to wake up and see a surprise calf on the farm. The way this person speaks to the cows is so lovely and gentle, it's no shock that they are comfortable around him!

People in the comments praised many aspects of this video. @user3067305853541 said, "You live in a beautiful magical looking place. I love your voice. What a wonderful existence." Another user, @mooms291, commented, "The coos and the scenery…everything is just beautiful." We wish we could transport to this scene and experience this for ourselves.

Others are amazed at how lovely these cows are. @pamelawardale1 commented, "How beautiful! They both are gorgeous," and @elitasue said, "She is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!" We are so glad we were able to see this video!

This calf is going to grow up in a lovely environment. Between the gentleness of the owner, the lovely scenery, and the strength of the herd, this calf couldn't ask for a better life!

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