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Island in the Arctic Ocean Where Cats Are Banned Is Making People Sad

Cats are one of our favorite animals. They make wonderful companions, they're adorable, and they're fairly easy to take care of. We couldn't live without them! However, the residents of this island have to make do without any feline companions.

TikTok user @sejsejlija is a content creator who mainly makes videos about the small town in the Arctic that she lives in called Svalbard. In a recent video of her's, she explained that cats are banned in her town! Check out the video to see the reasoning behind this sad rule.

Wow, this was very interesting to learn about! While we understand the reasoning, it still makes us sad. We could never live in a place without cats!

People in the comments stated that they wouldn't be able to live here either! @thekittyandmarley said, "No cats is a dealbreaker for me. I can’t get enough of them!" and @deaf_lenny commented, "Aww, looks like I won’t be moving to Svalbard." If there's no cats, we're not interested!

Others made a few jokes about the video. @ofvandelayindustries commented, "Imagine being a migratory bird who makes it all the way to Svalbard only to get sniped by Mr. Boots." Another user, @ablackcatowner, commented, "Next time the landlord say no cats allowed, I am going to say I have an Arctic Fox." We're sure that this will be well received by the landlord, LOL!

Luckily, the residents of this town can have dogs, but we would need something to fill the feline shaped hole in our hearts. Perhaps they can try domesticating the Arctic Foxes!

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