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Festival in Switzerland That Celebrates Cows Returning to Their Farms After Cheesemaking Is Just Incredible

We've officially found our new favorite tradition and you best believe we're going to Switzerland at the end of the summer to part take. Allow us to introduce you to the Dèspal festival. Well actually, TikTok user @punkrockparmigiano is the one who introduced us. 

This tradition celebrates the cows in Switzerland coming home after spending a summer eating grass in the Alpines. The cows do this to produce flavorful milk that will make cheeses. And what the town does to bring these cows home is something out of a movie. Check it out!  

O.M.G. We're in love! There is a whole parade for these cows to come home. They're even wearing flowers and bells. A special tradition, unlike anything we've ever seen before!

"I'm glad they are getting the respect they deserve!" said @Natalie Bermudez68. Right?! It's the least the town can do for all the hard work the cows did over the summer. Well, maybe it wasn't hard work. LOL! Who wouldn't want to be hanging out in the hills of Switzerland? Sounds like a vacation to us! 

@TheBareBear72 commented, "I have always wanted to see this in person. These beautiful cows are so well cared for! 💗." And now that we know about this tradition, we want to see it in person too! Not only is this an amazing festival, but it also gives us a new appreciation for this kind of cheese and all the work that is put into making it. So maybe it's time we celebrate too with some cheese and crackers tonight! 


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