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Mom Shares Important Reminder to Never Take Our Dogs for Granted

As sweet and adorable as our furry friends can be, they can also be gigantic pains in the butt. That's just how it goes! It's normal to be annoyed with them every now and again, but one Golden Retriever mom posted the best reminder not to take our time with our dogs for granted. 

It's such a simple gesture, but such an important one from @copperthegolden1's human mama. But be warned--you'll want to give your dog a hug after this!

Yep, definitely giving our pup a treat and a cuddle after we finish sobbing over here. We didn't expect it to get that emotional! No pet parent likes thinking about a time when their best bud isn't by their side, but if it helps us live every day to the fullest, maybe it's not a terrible reminder. 

"Also, they’re never annoyed with us :( they love unconditionally," commented @cinderelliie. OMG, that's so true! BRB, grabbing another tissue...

Our pups really are the best. "Just remind yourself that you are his whole world," suggested @chichiwawaaa. It's up to us to give our fur babies the best life possible! Like @erinn612 shared, "I had to remind myself of this last night when I came home to my carpet ripped up… I can replace it. I can’t replace him." Amen to that!

"Well now I’m crying because I’ve been getting very short with mine lately," said @trifectaofamazingness. "I’m going to go give them hugs and treats now." They are going to love that oh-so-much! And we're willing to bet you are, too. 

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