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Cat's Adorable 'Conversation' With Mom Couldn't Be More Entertaining

OK, what is it about orange cats? They are always so affectionate, and amazing cuddle bunnies and sometimes, like @Thatorangecat here, very vocal! Orange cats are just different than other colored cats, and it's basically been proven. 

Just watch this video of beautiful orange Reggie holding a conversation with his mom and you'll see what we mean! 

He does have such nice talkies! @AstridMoonstone agrees typing, “You got the nice talkies? Yeah." @Mulaparadise agrees stating, "I love vocal cats!" @Javyninteen speaks for Reggie, adding "Mom: You got the nice talkies, Cat: for real mom, OK." LOL, we have a hard time believing this sweet boy would ever had attitude! Or, should we say cat-titude!

If you decide you'd like to start having your own conversations with your cat, here are some tips to get you started on teaching your cat to talk

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