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Woman Swears Her Dog Can Talk and the Evidence Is Tough to Deny

If you're anything like us, you probably talk to your pets nonstop. It doesn't matter if they can't understand us, we do it anyway because they're our besties. Eventually they'll start picking up on words and the meanings. But nothing is ever said in return. Ugh, the things we'd do to get our pets to talk to us! Well, thanks to this TikTok clip, maybe we aren't too far away from talking animals. LOL! 

TikTok user @jaceycowen had to prove to the haters that her dog actually can speak. To be fair, we wouldn't believe her either, but with the power of videos, we now know she's not lying. The caption reads, "Yes, she knows how to say no to us 😂." Listen for yourself and see what you hear from her dog! 

LOL! You really can't deny what this dog said. We've all heard it and now we totally believe this TikToker has a talking dog. If we were her, we'd be scheduling a tour because everyone will be lining up to see this!

TikTok user @nic___96 commented, "I KNEW IT!!!!! Dogs can talk...I will keep trying to get my dog to talk 😂." For those of you that didn't know dogs can talk, now you do! And we're glad we aren't the only ones who will be trying to get our dogs to talk. LOL! @Usercupcake said, "We need more videos of your dog talking." Retweet! Not for more evidence, just because it's so cool! And the more videos, the more our pets will have a chance to pick it up too. LOL!

Other TikTokers are comparing this dog's voice to a very famous character. @blancachavez72 asked, "Omg stitch is that you?" O.M.G. We had to go back and listen one more time, but this totally sounds like Stitch! And just when we thought we couldn't love this video anymore!