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Woman’s Tender Way of Waking Up Her 17-Year-Old Deaf Cat Is So Touching

One cat mom, known as @kittiesmakemehappy on TikTok, turned to the app to seek help with her 17-year-old cat. She said her little kitty was going deaf in a video she posted a couple of weeks ago. And in that clip, she was walking behind her cat, accidentally scaring her. Poor baby! She felt so bad and didn’t know what to do to make sure her cat knew she was there without frightening her. So, being the great app it is, TikTok users came to the rescue, offering suggestions. 

One TikTok comment said tapping the ground near the cat will send vibrations that they can sense and it won't startle her as much. So of course, that's what this mom decided to try after coming home from a trip! You can see her attempt in a more recent video. The clip explains that her cat couldn't hear or feel the garage door opening so she turned to the tapping method. And omg, what a difference it made! 

Wow, it worked! It’s like night and day between the two videos she posted! Her cat in the first video meow-screamed and was so frightened. But in this newer clip, she wasn’t afraid. Those were excited meows because her mom was finally home! 

“Her face when she saw you. ❤️ She must love you so much, what a special baby,” commented @Stacey. We love how instantly the cat knew it was mom as if she was dreaming for that moment forever! @dillpicklecoffee added, “So sweet, I also would never guess she was 17! She looks so young.” She must get showered with love and attention to keep her looking great! 

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This tapping idea was an amazing tip and we hope anyone reading will be able to use it with their animals! 

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