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Service Dog Helping Target Employee Close the Store Is Internet Gold

TikTok user @assistance_adventures has been working at Target for about three years. And since the very beginning, she said that the store has been so accommodating by allowing her to have her service dog with her at work. She added that her dog Rose even had a nametag before she did. SO cute!

So what does a service dog look like on the job? Well, this TikToker shares behind-the-scenes clips from work. The one that caught our attention is what Rose does at closing and it's beyond adorable. We wouldn't mind a closing shift if we got to work with Rose! 

O.M.G. We love Rose! The cutest, bestest Target employee in the whole world. We wish we could see dogs running around Target while the store is opened. Then we really would never leave. LOL! "I go zoom zoom in Target too!!" said @channe.marie. Hey, it happens to the best of us! 

Honestly, this doggo's zoomies are so relatable! We totally agree with @_jessrassicpark_ who said, "When you have to deal with a Karen or two- you need to zoom zoom to unwind. 😂😂😂." Exactly! Rose very much deserved those zoomies. "I'm the same way as soon as I clock out. 😂," commented @Hannah Rae Hadley. LOL! Safe to say this is how all of us are at the end of the work day. 

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"I never thought of service dogs needing zoomies just as much as other doggos 😂😍," wrote @Kendall Clark. Right?! We know all dogs get bursts of energy, but we always see service dogs on the job so this is so fun to watch. Keep up the great work Rose! 


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